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The books of Book I details the birth and early rise of King Arthur.We also follow two important campaigns led by the young king.Gareth also defeats Sir Ironside, the Knight of Red Launds in order to stop the siege of the castle of Dame Lioness.

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The two brothers end tragically when they kill each other in case of mistaken identity.

In Book III we learn of the Arthur’s marriage to Queen Guinever.

Arthur emerges as the rightful king after he pulls the sword from the stone as foretold by Merlin.

With this, Arthur learns of his true lineage and accepts his place as king.

And we read of Merlin’s prophecies regarding the rise of the Round Table.

Book II follows Sir Balin, known as the Kight of Two Swords, and his brother Sir Balan.

This also makes him the brother of Gaheris, Agravaine, and Mordred.

Gareth proves his nobility by killing Arhtur’s enemy, the Black Knight and the Black Knight’s brothers.

With the birth of Arthur, Merlin the sorcerer pronounces a prophecy that the boy will one day become the High King of a United England.

Chaos ensues after the death of Uther with the various parties warring for the throne.


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