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For those clients, who are just not that into subscriptions, the membership model may need a little twist.At Depositphotos we’ve been providing customers from all over the world with stock images by two main plans: subscription and on-demand.This was just another proof that the big companies want to step into membership space too, and it’s a working model rather than just experimental “startup” approach.

Another membership-based startup, Adore Me ran into similar problem with numerous complaints of furious subscribers who didn’t actually mean to be subscribed.

While Just Fab and Adore Me apparently had certain issues with better communicating the “subscription” part of their business to new clients, some products, like clothes or lingerie, just don’t need to be delivered monthly. Unlike Apple Music users who listen to the music everyday, your customers may not need your service that often, or may not realise that they actually need it on regular basis before they try.

So what separates the wannabe profitable bloggers from the truly profitable ones?

I decided to talk with a handful of bloggers who make at least six figures a year to learn what it really takes to build a successful blogging business.

What successful bloggers focused on, though, is providing immense value to their loyal readers.

Even if it’s not super-focused, you still need to pick something you care about and that has some staying power.

Just as with any other business, you need to have a plan in place for your blog.

Before you even begin to think about making ,000 a month from your blog, you need to start treating it as not just a blog, but a business.

These are very common and well-proven solutions for most stock imagery companies.

However, we noticed that these two options worked best only for those clients who needed many photos each month.


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