Money Laundering Research Papers

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At the global level, the IMF estimated the extent of money laundering to be around 2% to 5% of global GDP.

A country's rating on compliance with standards set by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on AML/CFT, is often considered as a key measure of the country's AML/CFT regime.

Cash flow cycles are presented in form of an algorithm as connections between irregularly and regularly acquired assets in the process of money laundering through business operations, as well as re-entry from regular flows into alternative cash flows.

The “Butterfly Diagram”, presenting groups of business changes enabling entry of larger amounts of money and assets owned by a company in order to be laundered or their exit with the effect or tax evasion or terrorism financing, evolved from the algorithm.

is the only quarterly, peer-reviewed journal designed to provide detailed analysis and insight on the latest issues in the law, regulation and control of money laundering and related matters.

The journal's authors include not only leading scholars, but those directly involved at policy and operational levels in fighting money laundering.

In practice, it has been shown that business operations can be used as an excellent way to hide money laundering activities (Lemieux, Prates, 2011, pp. Business operations are suitable due to a large number of business activities enabling money and other forms of assets to enter regular flows.

Money which needs to be laundered can originate from criminal acts, informal (grey) economy, including seemingly regular money flows (e.g.


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