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I've still found a couple of extra typos in the final copy which is more annoying as I can't do anything about them! I took a list with me to the viva but decided not to volunteer it unless they brought it up. They'd found about 10 typos, compared to my list of 100 and I quietly corrected them all before submission of the bound copy. i had far more typos than 50, but they loved my ideas so i was ok and got minors which really were just the typos.

I've still found a couple of extra typos in the final copy which is more annoying as I can't do anything about them! the typos also didn't put them in a negative frame of mind, it was more like: silly kid you are, don't do it again.

A bibliography is the glossary of your thesis and is considered the key to the theory.

It is very important to include all the new terminologies and words from other languages that you have come across in your research in the bibliography.

He will check you by asking you more about that book.

If you fail to answer this will give a very bad impression and all your efforts will go in vain.By the time I'd completed my corrections I had found even more typos, but the important thing is that the final version of my thesis, which will be available for the world to see, is (hopefully! I also had a substantial list of typos and minor corrections which I handed to the examiners at the beginning of the viva.By the time you submit your thesis, you've read it (wholly or partially) so many times that it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, so I wouldn't beat yourself up about it.as long as you're ok on the content-front you don't have anything to worry about.before the viva everyone feels stressed about every little thing, but you'll be ok really.These terms may sound familiar to you because you have been working on the subject since long but the examiner needs to be briefed. You are writing a very important piece of academic writing.Make sure you do not generalize it by using words like “some” “Etc.” “others”.It is very important to write this sentence in the beginning of your abstract.Do not think that it is pre-understood that you have written this work all by yourself. If you do not write the examiner may not even proceed to the rest of your thesis considering that your work is not original.I feel like I've let myself down; I'd wanted to get through with no corrections (ha! Friends say it's an achievement to finish a Ph D, but at the moment I feel like recalling the thesis and resubmitting... If typos are the only problem in your thesis then you are golden.Seriously, take a list into the viva with you, correct them before getting it bound. They won't care as long as it doesn't affect the results you give.


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