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An Internet server that acts as a “go-between” for a computer on a local network (secure system) and the open Web.Often checks to determine “right of access” to the secure environment and speeds up requests by caching frequently accessed Web pages. A service that helps people find needed information. Sometimes "reference" refers to reference collections, such as encyclopedias, indexes, handbooks, directories, etc. A citation to a work is also known as a reference." "The ability to log onto (or access) networked computer resources from a distant location.

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Also an article that appears regularly in the newspaper (eg.

Sports Column) Copy: Any kind of written material Cut: Newspaper photograph Cutline: Explanation under or beside a photograph.

Limiting options vary by database, but common options include limiting results to materials available full-text in the database, to scholarly publications, to materials written in a particular language, to materials available in a particular location, or to materials published at a specific time." "A publication containing information about varied topics that are pertinent to general information, a geographic area, or a specific subject matter (i.e. Often published daily." "A computerized database that can be searched in various ways—such as by keyword, author, title, subject, or call number—to find out what resources a library owns.

OPAC’s will supply listings of the title, call number, author, location, and description of any items matching one's search.

Search terms can be combined by using Boolean operators and can also be used with limits/limiters." "Materials such as books and journal articles that analyze primary sources.

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Secondary sources usually provide evaluation or interpretation of data or evidence found in original research or documents such as historical manuscripts or memoirs." "Publications such as journals, magazines and newspapers that are generally published multiple times per year, month, or week. The words journal, magazine, periodical, and serial may be used interchangeably." "An information source providing guidelines for people who are writing research papers.

If a book or other library item is located at another location, you can page, or "summon" the book to be sent to your location.

For example, to obtain a book from Grand Avenue Library, an off-site USC Library, will require you to page the item and pick it up from Leavey Library. For more information on paging from Grand, click here.

A collection, usually annual, of statistics and facts, both current and retrospective. The historical or public records themselves, which are generally non-circulating materials such as collections of personal papers, rare books, ephemera, etc." "A book or bound collection of maps, illustrations, etc.; Volume of maps, plates, engravings, tables, etc., which may be used to accompany a text; or it may be an independent publication." (Definition from Colorodo State University Libraries) "A group of letters and/or numbers that identifies a specific item in a library and provides a way for organizing library holdings.

May be broad in geographical and subject coverage, or limited to a particular country or state or to a special subject. An annual containing miscellaneous matter, such as a calendar, a list of astronomical events, planting tables, astrological predictions, and anecdotes" (Definition from Yale University Library) "1. Annotation is the end product of making such notes." (Definition from Colorodo State University Libraries) "1. Two major types of call numbers are Dewey Decimal Call Numbers and Library of Congress Call Numbers." "A database (either online or on paper cards) listing and describing the books, journals, government documents, audiovisual and other materials held by a library.


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