Mastering Physics Homework Answers

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Lectures are held twice a week, on Tuesday and on Thursday.

They are meant to review the most important facts and techniques that are then highlighted and exercised in the homework assignments, and that are described at greater length in the textbook or other written materials.

(If you can, don't get the newer edition, they re-ordered some chapters in there.) Only the chapters you need for this course: All students must use Mastering Physics. The course ID that you will need to enter is "MP2019BIAGGIOPHY21".

After entering the usual data and various standard information, you will be asked for a "studend ID".

Note that Pearsons (the company behind masteringphysics and the textbook) unfortunately may require you to purchase a new access code for Mastering Physics even if you already have on old one, because they bind access codes to the textbook that each course uses.

When they say that the access code is valid for more than one semester, it may be unfortunately true only if the textbook remains the same!

The lecture is important because it serves as a guide to navigate the material and it highlight and explains the most important facts, but reading the textbook or other material is also essential.

All class materials and current announcements are published on coursesite.

Here it is important that you enter your Lehigh email ID (the six character string before the "" in your official email address).

Also, when the system asks for a textbook, look for "Knight, Physics for Scientists & Engineers, 3/e".


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