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Mass Effect Assignment-35
Shooting Range - with crew comments on how you are doing, 4 different target sets, choice of using armored or casual. Note: With the open galaxy map focus on the Reaper war front - if a cluster has a Reaper on it and is not at 100%, it could be worth investigating.

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Kaidan - once you have heard him chat to EDI about his students, a couple of missions later a datapad will appear with info on them.

Follow up data is on the Shadow Broker terminal, with clues for a GAW asset.

Books - Ascension and Revelations codex (if you had in ME2)Books - Haiku from Kasumi can be read (if she joins the war effort)Fixed: FTL effect Weapons will appear in the racks if security setting is high or Thane is aboard (with TM3)Working desk - pads and computer added Training screens can be accessed (if Thane is not on board)Removed window covering so Engine Room can be viewed as per ME2.

Fixed: graphical glitch on Thane's mug2 of 6 possible Engineers can be added after Rannoch is completed (need to read email from Tali or Adams).

Some crew members must be spoken to before they can be appointed. Tali exile/admiral, Garrus trained as Spectre or C-SEC, Vega N7 etc.)Extra crew adjustments: Marine security level, medics, engineers, facilities.

Reaper War notifications - Alliance Intel reports on the war, hints to locations of GAW Assets. Ship's Manifest - allows the player to customise the Normandy.One engineer requires the Quarians to survive and ME2 assignment Omega: Struggling quarian.Each engineer gives various bonuses, depending on what technology is installed on the ship.If you did not do the loyalty missions of a few followers and they die on the suicide mission, then you will not be able to finish their quests afterwards.If you somehow ran out of money and can't buy fuel, you won't be able to visit sectors not containing a mass relay.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange I'm currently working on my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2.N7 Helmet - (if imported from ME2)Fish can be fed by either feeder, chef or manually. Squadmate power reset - includes Javik and all new squadmates.Kai Leng's Broken Sword If installed and completed: Miranda Mod - Cerberus Cruiser Model; Ark Mod - Turian Fighter Model Entire terminal can be accessed from either the CIC or Cabin Fixed - desk glow Revised Personal Terminal with Spectre Mail, Squad screen allows powers to be changed, Crew Manifest and Normandy Manifest. If extra medics are appointed occasionally a crew member will be in sickbay.In the first, I skipped the N7 and DLC assignments because I wanted to save them for my completionist playthrough (this one).I'm currently planning on doing them after I finish the final mission, however, I want to make sure that I'm not going to end up with any of them locked out or blocked because of changing circumstances after you finish the main story.


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