Management Decision Making Process Essay

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Critical Thinking & Decision Making Combining the techniques of critical thinking and decision making results in situations that have been analyzed closely and potential outcomes clearly considered and defined prior to taking any action.

In an article written by Greg Kitzmiller (2003), he states that "It seems most business people are busy taking action, meeting with people, interacting and making decisions.

Not assuming that these individuals are lacking in critical thinking, it is sometimes difficult to follow their reasoning for the decisions that they make.

Case in point, a little over a year ago, half of our organizations employees were relieved of their duties in a downsizing effort.

Benefits of Critical Thinking Critical thinking allows us to question our environment and the information presented to us.

As stated in our text, we can either "One alternative is to accept passively what you encounter; doing so automatically results in your making someone else's opinion your own.On a daily basis, representative and customer numeric information is prepared to determine our position versus the competition and over the calendar year.Individuals in our operations and finance departments work closely together to monitor our sales and report these findings to upper management.It is obvious that decision making is a key component in our lives, but decision making without critical thinking gives us only half of the picture.It is these two components combined that result in successes both personally and professionally.This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics.More on Emerald's approach is available in our Publication Ethics guidelines.Certainly, thinking is one of the most important actions we take and is at the core of strategic planning." Based on Kitzmiller's comments, I believe that critical thinking and decision making must go hand in hand in order to be successful.In order to develop a strategic plan, you must closely evaluate all aspects and in making decisions about your course of action, you develop a strategic plan for the future.In addition, the benefits of critical thinking are examined and whether or not these two elements are present in the company I work for, ACN Communications.Lastly, the nominal group technique will be explored as a means for problem solving.


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