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The novel details the post-traumatic experiences of Susie’s family, told entirely from her perspectives, focusing on the attempt of the Salmon family to make their ways among the living world.

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I would definitely read Alice One world up above where they can watch over the ones below.

Susie in The Lovely Bones she has restricted use and effects on earth, because she is in heaven up above.

After Susie’s death, her mother, Abigail I like to let books choose me, instead of me choosing them.

So when The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold came out in 2002 and people couldn't be quiet about it, I tried to ignore everyone telling me, "You've absolutely got to read this book!

While the author uses a number of other literary techniques to draw the reader in, it is the narrator’s voice that is this novel’s most interesting and appealing feature.

The narrative voice in this novel is unique to other novels because the narrator is a girl named Susie Salmon who “These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections - sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent - that happened after I was gone.Susie is telling the story of her family's life from heaven.On a cold and dark December day Susie was walking home from her junior high 7 HOW THE CONCERN FOR OTHERS HEALS IN THE LOVELY BONES Jessica Mossing December 15,2017 END13U1 In the book The Lovely bones by Alice Sebold the main character, Susie Salmon has endured a tragic event.If readers confine their understanding of grief to coping and loss with death of a loved one, then the reader finds that they have trouble elucidating Susie’s true emotions.Because Susie narrates from her own personal heaven, Sebold allows her reader to directly connect with Susie and her view from heaven; she describes herself as caught in the “cornflower blue of Crayola (Sebold 34) of the Inbetween, longing to live among her family again, acting as a “cosmic witness” to the Salmon family’s distress and affliction, viscerally "yearning for the living" (Woods).However, as the members of the Salmon household weather the unfortunate events that force the characters to come to terms with death and grief, Sebold creates a motif of redemption; focusing on the maturation of the family and highlighting the underlying theme of redemption, Sebold forces dynamic characterizations that allow death to act as a dominant catalyst throughout the novel.After Susie is pronounced dead, the Salmon family blunders into a “dysfunctional spiral” (Womack) as they attempt to cope with a crippling sense of grief.anger- a strong feeling of grievance and displeasure 3.bargaining- an agreement between two parties that fixes the price of something 4.I also like Alice Sebold’s style of writing because it kept me on my toes.I had an inkling of what to expect, but I always needed to be aware of what was happening in the story.


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