Life In The Old South Before The Civil War

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The first dark-skinned slaves in what was to become British North America arrived in Virginia — perhaps stopping first in Spanish lands — in 1619 aboard a Dutch vessel.

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New York had the greatest number, with just over 20,000. Vermont was the first Northern region to abolish slavery when it became an independent republic in 1777. At that date, 293,000 slaves lived in Virginia alone, making up 42 percent of all slaves in the U. After the American Revolution, the Southern slave population exploded, reaching about 1.1 million in 1810 and over 3.9 million in 1860. Despite their numbers, slaves typically comprised a minority of the local population.TABLE 3 Slaves as a Percent of the Total Population selected years, by Southern state (1970). They enjoyed an exceptional rate of natural increase. For example, the South grew half to three-quarters of the corn crop harvested between 18.Unlike elsewhere in the New World, the South did not require constant infusions of immigrant slaves to keep its slave population intact. Central to the success of slavery are political and legal institutions that validate the ownership of other persons. Not long after Columbus set sail for the New World, the French and Spanish brought slaves with them on various expeditions. Nearly 4 million slaves with a market value estimated to be between .1 and .6 billion lived in the U. Such valuable property required rules to protect it, and the institutional practices surrounding slavery display a sophistication that rivals modern-day law and business. Masters enjoyed rates of return on slaves comparable to those on other assets; cotton consumers, insurance companies, and industrial enterprises benefited from slavery as well.But a far greater proportion of slaves arrived in chains in crowded, sweltering cargo holds.The resulting census data offers historians a treasure-trove of information about everyday Americans who might not otherwise have left traces in the historical record.Instructors may choose to present and discuss these tables with the entire class, or may divide the class up into four groups, each of which may consider its table and questions on its own before reporting back to the class.What additional factors might a more detailed investigation consider? Throughout history, slavery has existed where it has been economically worthwhile to those in power. Slaves accompanied Ponce de Leon to Florida in 1513, for instance.


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