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"It was deliberate; it wasn't an accident that I became a science fiction and fantasy writer ... I worked very hard to get to the point that I can earn a living doing this, and I mean I've been writing since I was 10 years old." Her advice to other ethnic groups that have been left out of the mostly white-male-dominated genre is succinct and to the point.

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Dana finds this out when she goes back to the pre-civil war south.

Her experiences there demonstrate her inability to adapt and survive in another world, but it also highlights some issues she has with living in her own world.

Then there were the ones that didn't care, that would just hire someone to look after things." Butler, who has won Nebula and Hugo awards and is a Macarthur "genius," spent most of her early writing career as the only Black woman getting paid to write science fiction and fantasy. Tuesday at Doe Library's Morrison Room, UC Berkeley campus, (510) 642-3671; and at p.m.

And she has no regrets about the trailblazing path she has marked for others to follow. Wednesday Marcus Books, 3900 Martin Luther King Jr.

Dana is lacking some very basic skills when she goes back into the past. Told him you didn’t know how to do some things – and, girl, you come here not knowing how to do nothing” (Butler 95) Dana lacks the ability to cook or clean, and she cannot work as effectively as the other slaves.

Women in the antebellum south were in charge of caring for and keeping the house running and these skills were essential.Slavery, and even Jim Crow apartheid, seem removed, like an old horror movie, a violent fantasy that is lived vicariously through the old folks' stories, history books, "Roots" and "Eyes On the Prize" reruns.No other work of fantasy or science fiction writing brings the intimate environment of the antebellum South to life better than Octavia E. This month the book's silver anniversary is being celebrated with a special tour and re-release of this "grim fantasy" about a modern young black woman, Dana, who on her 26th birthday -- and before the eyes of her white newlywed husband, Kevin -- is mysteriously transported from California in 1976 to Maryland at the beginning of the 19th century.The first time she witnessed a beating she was very traumatized.She says, “I was probably less prepared for the reality than the child crying not far from me.This realization defines Dana's narrative, and through her eyes we get a picture of our past in all its ugly/beautiful irony and complexity."The reason for my writing this novel really was to try to make people feel the past as well as understand the facts of it to understand it (the slavery experience) in your skin, in your mind, in your emotions, to feel it," Butler said."And I read some unbelievably ghastly accounts of punishments.I mean that weren't even punishments -- people were simply tortured to death.For example, when Kevin asks Dana to type his stories for him, she reacts in a very child-like way, throwing a tantrum and refusing.strategic aim is to provide a professional writing of Critical essays for school, college and university studens.


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