John Locke Essay Of Human Understanding Summary

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• Words such as ignorance and barrenness do not signify an idea, but rather an absence of ideas.

• All our notions and knowledge, which are signified by words, are derived from sensible ideas.

Even the abstruse significations that are not perceived by the senses – such as ‘comprehend’, ‘apprehend’, and ‘imagine’ – are words that are derived from the operations of sensible things. o By considering the preceding subjects, we will be better able to determine the right use of words; the natural advantages and defects of language; and the remedies to avoid the inconveniences and obscurity or uncertainty in the signification of words.

• The following chapters will discuss the following: o To what are names immediately applied? “We have, as has been proved, no ideas at all, but what originally come either from sensible objects without, or what we feel within ourselves, from the inward workings of our own spirits, of which we are conscious to ourselves within.” • Chapter 2 – Of the Signification of Words • Men have a great variety of thoughts that are profitable and delightful to others when communicated.

Language is the instrument and common tie of society.

• Men used articulate sounds to represent internal conceptions that could be conveyed to one another.


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