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Confidence should not just be heard in your voice, but also projected through your body language.“Responses should also be articulated well through the use of effective body language techniques such as high to mid steepling with clear, open-faced hand gestures followed with triangulation of eye movements,” Kamboj adds.“Case interviews do not have right or wrong answers more so because the candidate is working with limited or hypothetical information.

Confidence should not just be heard in your voice, but also projected through your body language.

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Say what you wish to say and say it with confidence,” Kamboj advises.

The company is interviewing you for a reason — they see potential in you!

For example, if given the wireless headphones question outlined above, you could look into real companies in that space (e.g.

Bose, Sony, Apple) and learn about their products, pricing, financial reports, challenges they’ve encountered, etc.

The headphones come in a variety of colors, connect with any Bluetooth capable device and will be sold at select big-box retail stores in North America. Each of your friends has a 2/3 chance of telling you the truth and a 1/3 chance of messing with you by lying. What is the probability that it's actually raining in Seattle?

Regardless of what question you are asked, there is rarely one correct answer.

In the end, interviewers are looking for candidates who can use existing theory to come up with customized frameworks to solve unique problems,” Chancey adds.

Practice While research and knowledge are important to succeeding in a case interview, they can only take you so far.


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