Interpersonal Communication Self Disclosure Essay

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Although a quality interpersonal relationship sounds like the best thing since Campbell soup, it's not a relationship that's easily achieved.To achieve a quality interpersonal relationship takes time, effort, desire, understanding, trust, disclosure, feedback, and listening skills.

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The importance of disclosure and feedback in a quality interpersonal relationship.

My ideas of disclosure and feedback come from the self- disclosure model developed by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham. The premise of the model is that the more we disclose about ourselves and get feedback the more we learn about ourselves and the more others learn about us.

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As more time passed, we started to give feedback to each other about the characteristics and behaviors of each other.

The longer the relationship lasted and the more we disclosed the more we begin to trust each other. This continued until we " ve developed an friendship and a top quality interpersonal relationship.

If Dad gets a promotion the whole family shares the feelings of esteem with Dad.

The point I'm trying to make is that in interpersonal relationship you will feel some of things that the other feels which allows you to better understand them and communicate with them.

To get this type of understanding about another person takes time. As you think through the process you find those things that lead you to become best friends are the some of the same things that are required to build and interpersonal relationship.

A good example would be the development of a friendship. This is probably one of the most productive interpersonal relationships that exist for you. I think the depth or even mere existence of an interpersonal relationship hinges on disclosure and feedback.


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