Importance Of Teamwork In Nursing Essay

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One obstacle is that members may not realize they have information worth sharing.For example, research on “the common knowledge effect” highlights the tendency for team members to focus on knowledge that is already commonly shared among group members.

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In this way, having a clear understanding of membership can increase the likelihood that people with relevant knowledge will be included in discussions, a necessary first step to ensuring that those people have opportunities to speak up.

Across health care, there is an increasing reliance on teams from a variety of specialties (e.g., nursing, physician specialties, physical therapy, social work) to care for patients.

At the same time, medical error is estimated to be “the third most common cause of death in the US” [1], and teamwork failures (e.g., failures in communication) account for up to 70-80 percent of serious medical errors [2-5].

This article reviews research from the field of organizational behavior to shed light on group structures and processes that facilitate the use of available expertise for more effective decision making, negotiation, execution of tasks, creativity, and overall team performance.

First, we highlight what it means to have a collectively intelligent team: one with the capability to perform well consistently across a range of tasks [8].


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