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It is important that you follow the guidance below when preparing your thesis for submission.‌‌‌‌For a full list of departments with MScs and dissertations in Spiral, see Theses The deposit of Master's dissertations is managed by departments and is not mandatory.Please note: you are required to submit your thesis by your submission deadline, regardless of whether you have been contacted by Registry or not at this stage.

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Your supervisor, or another member of staff in your department/division, will be responsible for organising the viva and making all the necessary arrangements.

Once you have submitted the final thesis and your examiners have agreed that they are satisfied, the Registry will write to you confirming the award of your degree.

Administrators in each department are responsible for collating all dissertations as PDF files and for creating their bibliographic data.

Numerical acceleration of aeroengine cavity flow solutions and flutter predictions Edouard Minoux 2018 On the optimisation of computational fluid dynamics applications on multicore and manycore architectures Ioan Hadade 2018 On the validation of nonlinear dynamic models for structures with frictional joints Luca Pesaresi 2017 Non-linear System Identification in Structural Dynamics: Advances in Rotating stall in variable geometry compressors John Dodds 2016 Embedded Blade Row Flutter Fanzhou Zhao 2016 Whole Aero-Engine Meshing and CFD Simulatiion Feng Wang 2015 Advanced methods for multi-row forced response and flutter computations Sina Stapelfeldt 2014 Investigation and Development of Low-Fidelity Analytical Models for Compressor Instability and Distortion Propogation Analysis Artyom Romanov 2014 Whole Aero-Engine Meshing and CFD Simulation Feng Wang 2013 Feature Based Computational Geometry and Secondary Air System Modelling for Virtual Gas Turbines Davendu Kulkarni 2013 Numerical investigation of labyrinth seal flutter Richard Phibel 2012 Prediction of Acoustic Resonances in Core Volumes Armel de Montgros 2011 Fast Generalized Single-passage method for Multi-blade row forced response and flutter Sanjay Mata 2010 Strategies for non-linear system identification‌Aditya Gondhalekar Variability of Blade Vibration of Mistuned Bladed Discs‌Yum Ji Chan 2009 Turbomachinery Aeorelasticity using a Time-Linearised Multi Blade-row Approach‌Gabriel Saiz 2008 Development of Valid Models for Structural Dynamic Analysis‌Jose V.

• RHUL 2018, Alberto Arteche: "Studies of a prototype of an Electro-Optic Beam Position Monitor at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron", supervisor: Stephen Gibson, link • Oxford 2018, Christopher Thornton: "Experimental Aspects of Plasma Wakefields Driven in Linear Regime", co-supervisors: Simon Hooker and Andrei Seryi, link • Oxford 2018, Talitha Bromwich: "Development of high-resolution cavity beam position monitors for use in low-latency feedback systems".

• • Oxford 2017, Muhammad Kasim: "Quantitative optical probing of plasma accelerators", co-supervisors: Peter Norreys and Phil Burrows, link • Oxford 2017, Peter Tudor: "Coherent combination of mismatched fibre lasers - steps towards real world applications", co-supervisors: Laura Corner and Roman Walczak, link • Oxford 2017, Scott Lawrie: “Understanding the plasma and improving extraction of the ISIS Penning H- ions source”, co-supervisors: Dan Faircloth and Alan Letchford (RAL) & Andrei Seryi (Oxford), link • RHUL 2017, Thomas Hofmann: "Development of a Laser-based Emittance Monitor for Negative Hydrogen Beams", co-supervisors: Stephen Gibson, Gary Boorman, Alessio Bosco, link • RHUL 2017, Aiveen Finn: “Design and Development of a turn-by-turn spectrometer in order to investigate micro-bunching instabilities at the Diamond Light Source Ltd”, co-supervisors: P.The time scale for digitisation is currently 4 weeks.If you wish to visit the Central Library to consult a thesis, complete the form below prior to your visit.Idowu, "Pore-Scale Modeling: Stochastic Network Generation and Modeling of Rate Effects in Waterflooding", Ph D thesis, 2009 Ran Qi "Simulation of Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage" (2008) [PDF] Olumide Talabi "Pore Scale simulation of NMR response in porous media" (2008) [PDF] Huiyun Lu "Investigation of Recovery Mechanisms in Fractured Reservoirs" (2007) [PDF] Taha Sochi "Pore-Scale Modeling of Non-Newtonian Flow in Porous Media" (2007) [PDF] Hu Dong, “Micro CT Imaging and Pore Network Extraction”, Ph D thesis, December (2007) [PDF] Matthew E.Rhodes, "Transport in heterogeneous porous media", Ph D Thesis, September (2007) [PDF] Anwar S.Imregun, 1983 Reconciliation of Predicited and Measured Modal Properties of Structures Joga Sidhu, 1983 Mistuned Bladed Disc Assemblies H.Dare Afolabi, 1982 ‌Identification of Spatial Models Peter Thomas Gleeson, 1979 Determination of The Modal Properties of Complex Structures Including Non-Linear Effects Geoffrey R.You may request a maximum of 4 items from the store at any one time.The Library has a full set of Imperial Ph D theses.Mosayeb Shams, Modelling two-phase flow at the micro-scale using a volume-of-fluid method, Ph D thesis, July 2018 Hasan A.Nourdeen, Upscaling Immiscible Capillary-Controlled Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media, Ph D thesis, June 2018Tarik M A Saif, Multi-scale Multi-dimentional Imaging and Charactrization of Oil Shale Pyrolysis‌, Ph D thesis, August 2017 Matthew G Andrew, "Reservoir-Condition Pore-Scale Imaging of Multiphase Flow", Ph D thesis (2015) Ali Qaseminejad Raeini, "Modelling Multiphase Flow through Micro-CT Images of the Pore Space", Ph D thesis (2013) Peyman Mostaghimi, "Transport Phenomena Modelled on Pore-Space Images", Ph D thesis (2012) Christopher H Pentland, "Measurements of Non-wetting Phase Trapping in Porous Media", Ph D thesis (2010) Saif S.


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