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Illegal migration or the movement of people across national borders without any proper document, is considered as a serious crime by many countries.

Today there are lot of illegal immigrants in most of the countries, even rich countries like USA.

Orienting Material – Speak about how many illegal aliens come to the US every year and why their presence is controversial. Thesis – The argument revolving around illegal immigration takes two major views: one where people believe that illegal immigrants help our economy through their cheap labor and willingness to perform undesirable tasks, and the other where illegal immigration is hurting the American economy and putting people in danger. Illegal aliens comprised about 3.1% of the adult population in 2003.

Illegal aliens represented about 4.54% of America’s prison population. Half of alien households are headed by someone with less than a high school education, and 25% of households have someone with a high school degree ii.

Unions protect themselves to help their employees and also to show that they are reliable.

Talented, trained, and trusted workers are the ones who are constructing buildings and fixing the electricity in a house.

Illegal immigration being a hot topics with a lot to talk on is a perfect topic for a persuasive essay.

Attention Grabber – I plan to show images of people sneaking into the US and describing how many illegal immigrants live in the US II. Someone is considered “illegal” if they are in America unlawfully or on false pretenses 2.

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