How To Solve A Word Problem In Math

Equips Students to Accept Challenges: Solving math word problem is a challenging task: it teaches student’s to use logic and creative thinking which is combined in executing the task.Visualizing the underlying idea in the problem and finding a solution to it makes the task interesting and enjoyable.

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Understanding the vitality of solving Math word problem has devised various strategies for effective conduction of the Math sessions.

Team of expert tutors has simplified the challenging concept, and working towards making each session interactive. Approaching Math Word Problem: It has been noticed that many students often lack the interest in solving it due to clear, concise understanding of the subject.

Let’s say students must find the sum of 393 and 89.

They should quickly see that adding 7 onto 393 will equal 400 — an easier number to work with.

In another word it is not restricted to Mathematics only but exceed beyond it. When a child learns the rule to solve world problem, he is actually learning the logic working behind it and seek for a way to reach the goal.

Expert tutors from Tutor Vista know how to appeal to the learning system of the students and make effort to maximize the student’s understanding and mathematical skills.

The relevance of these situations to the students is varying.

The situation in the first example is well-known to most people and may be useful in helping primary school students to understand the concept of subtraction.

To balance the equation, they can then subtract 7 from 89.

Suppose students must find the difference of 567 and 153.


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