How To Solve A Probability Problem

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I purchase the product and use it for two years without any problems.

What is the probability that it breaks down in the third year? Given that it is rainy, there will be heavy traffic with probability $\frac$, and given that it is not rainy, there will be heavy traffic with probability $\frac$.

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The total desired outcome is all the possibilities when A is first (2) added to all the possibilities when D is first (also 2), which leaves a total desired outcomes of four.

With the total desired outcomes and the total possible outcomes found, the final step is to create a fraction with desired outcomes on the top and total outcomes on the bottom or 4/24 which reduces to 1/6.

For the first slot, the number of possible paintings that could occupy it is four since there are four paintings.

For slot two, the number of possible paintings is three because one painting is already in slot one.

If students can master this technique and remember the definition of probability (desired outcomes over total outcomes) the hard probability problem becomes a piece of cake. And, be sure to find us on Facebook and Google , and follow us on Twitter!

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