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Our International Publications house always tries to achieve pinnacle in the field of science journal, by publication of original, inventive and interesting findings in our concerned international journals.Our vision is to provide free published paper to each and every nation for improvement in education quality, and therefore it cause improvement in lifestyle of people.

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The Journal of Documentation (JDoc) is a peer-reviewed journal one of the longest established academic journals in library and information science, providing a unique focus on theories, concepts, models, frameworks and philosophies.

The journal aims to provide a link between research, scholarship and reflective professional practice by publishing research papers with novel methods or results of wide significance, in all the information-related disciplines.

Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS) is a peer-reviewed journal that takes a critical approach to the questions and challenges facing librarians and libraries with regard to collections, scholarly communication, preservation, acquisitions, continuing resources and cataloging .

Library Trends explores critical trends in professional librarianship, practical applications, thorough analyses and literature reviews.

Multidisciplinary researches and articles of Science, Medical Science, Technology, Engineering, Management, Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Journalism, Media Studies, Education, Mathematics, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Commerce, Business Studies, Social Sciences, Economics, Humanities, Library Science and many more are published here.

Also, conference proceedings, thesis, projects and dissertations of the entire defined fields are published here.Our prestigious editorial and advisory board consist of members of well known Institutions, laboratories, Universities, Government Organisations of countries like America, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Africa, India and many more around the Globe.We strive to become a top notch provider of knowledge and information to the subject related people.Information Technology and Libraries is a peer-reviewed quarterly online journal published by the American Library Association's Library & Information Technology Association; the journal publishes material related to all aspects of information technology in all types of libraries.The official publication of the Association for Library and Information Science Education, JELIS is a scholarly journal that serves as a forum for discussion and presentation of research and issues within the field of library and information science education.It is committed to bring out the highest excellence by publishing unique, novel research articles of upcoming authors as well as renowned scholars.It belongs to an intellectual group of Researchers, Scholars, Industry Experts, Academicians, Scientists reflecting ethos of plumbing the deepest details and unexplored region of fields.Its purpose is to disseminate information of interest to reference librarians, information specialists, and other professionals involved in user-oriented library services.Research Publish Journals is a worldwide open access peer reviewed online International Journal publishing Organisation.The Library Quarterly is an international journal focused on research that chronicles libraries as organizations that connect their communities to information.The journal also explores the evolving social context around libraries and the roles of libraries regarding the growing influence of information in policymaking, equity, access, inclusion, human rights and other societal issues.


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