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Example: Let’s say you write an essay about the relevance of uniforms at schools.Your descriptive thesis statement would be:“Though uniforms are told to enhance community spirit and unity, educational institutions should not force students to wear them.

Each of these evidences is then elaborated and discussed in the body paragraphs.

If there are three body paragraphs, the thesis statement must have three evidences, and should it have more than three body paragraphs, may be additional evidences.

This idea is based on the fact that uniforms limit students’ freedom of expression, and this is especially supported by the fact that limiting the freedom of expression is a violation of human rights.”Why the descriptive one doesn’t work?

Because it simply duplicates the title of your paper and does not enlighten on the work you are supposed to do as a student.

First, a strong thesis statement influences your teacher’s feedback on your essay and your final grade for it.

Second, it makes a paper logical and focused, simplifying the writing process for you: once you figure out the main idea for yourself and express it in a clear, brief, and intelligible thesis statement, all the following paragraphs of your paper will be based on it.

The most common mistake that undermines the strength of a thesis statement in the essay is making a descriptive thesis instead of an argumentative one.

Descriptive is a statement that simply names the topic but doesn’t present any claim and major points.

A thesis is an interpretation of a subject, not the subject itself. Sorry to disappoint you but yes, a thesis statement is a fundamental element of nearly any type of paper, apart from, possibly, creative writing.

However, it may look different depending on the type of paper.


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