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Hamlet does this so he can distract people from his intention of exposing Claudius for the murder of his father.Hamlet also states a second time that he is not in fact crazy. This implies that Hamlet is only crazy sometimes and at other times he knows what is going on. This final confession from Hamlet lets the audience know once and for all that he is faking his madness.It is a condition in which is difficult to identify whether it is true or not.

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“With a look so piteous in purport as if he had been loosed out of hell to speak of horrors… This single action brings tremendous tension and makes Polonius immediately believe that Hamlet has gone mad because of his love for his daughter.

Then he let out a sigh so piteous and profound as it did seem to shatter all his bulk and end his being” (2. On the other hand, Hamlet can be rational just as much as a sane person. Hamlet tells Horatio to watch Claudius during the play to see if he acts guilty. The players seem to feel very comfortable around Hamlet, making him seem like a perfectly rational human being.

“Give him heedful note, for I mine eyes will rivet his face, and, after, we will both our judgments join in censure of his seeming” (3. The fact that he thought this out in such an organized and clear way makes it hard to believe that he is mad because a madman would never be able to think like that. Many of Hamlet’s actions can be seen as feigned, which he uses it to his advantage.

Hamlet also knows how to act properly around the players. The interaction between Hamlet and the ghost of his father in front of his mother is all an act to make his mother think he is crazy. She explains to him that she cannot see anyone besides themselves in the room.

When Hamlet encounters Gertrude in her closet, an unusual place, in III,iv.

Madness is defined as the state of being mentally ill or having extremely foolish behavior.

When he is around Polonius, Claudius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern he acts completely irrational.

When Hamlet is around Horatio, Bernardo, Francisco, the players, and the gravediggers Hamlet acts completely sane.

From the very start, the ghost of Hamlet’s father tells him that Claudius is the one who murdered him. An antic disposition means to act in a grotesque manner.

As soon as he is aware of the news, Hamlet begins to plan his next steps, saying, “How strange or odd soe’er I bear myself, as I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on” (1. This simply means that Hamlet is going to play a role of a mad person throughout the play.


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