Graphic Design Problem Solving

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The purpose of this article is to represent the existing design approaches in using numbers as letters and discuss which ones are favorable to express, introduce or promote a message.

Design is about an open and inspired way of working.

There are many possible satisfactory solutions.2) Do not apply logical thinking too early in the process- this closes off the chance of break-through ideas that may be pursued.

3) Do not try to be practical- this causes judgments of what works and what would not. Once a comprehensive list is completed and the participants think they have used all ideas, the facilitator asks for 3-5 more ideas to stretch their thinking.

Second approach uses the shape resemblance of numbers to the letters.

It aims to make the viewer to perceive the numbers as they are and also as letters.

practices for educating K-12 students: using theme-based and interdisciplinary instruction; fostering self-direction and independence; teaching topics relevant to the learner; using group interaction; promoting student discovery; and encouraging critical and creative exploration of ideas Good design often is an assimilation of elements that involves observation, creative brainstorming, and collaboration.

The word design refers to a goal-oriented process that is intended to meet needs to improve situations or to create something new and/or useful (Freidman, 2003).

The introduction of the design process is a step toward meaningful learning that engages the students interactively in a purposeful pursuit of knowledge.

DS 89: Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC 2018), University of Bath, Bath, UK Year: 2018 Editor: Elies Dekoninck, Andrew Wodehouse, Chris Snider, Georgi Georgiev, Gaetano Cascini Author: Çaglar Okur Series: ICDC Section: POSTER 1: SHORT PRESENTATIONS Page(s): 109-116 ISBN: 978-1-904670-97-1 ISSN: 2220-4342 In the 21st century typography has developed as a means to enrich and broaden the borders of visual communication providing for a wide range of new approaches.


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