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I keep a rolling list of ideas on subjects that might make good topics for theses and dissertations.These are only ideas, of course, but they may be helpful in generating proposals for students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies: Despite the fact that by the time the article was published, the black population had by no means reached the level of economic equality with Caucasian Americans and there were still persuasive problems, African Americans made considerable advancements.

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Not only were African Americans now able to find better jobs and receive decent wages, they started selling their children to colleges.

To illustrate, the share of black workforce at textile companies across South Carolina, leaped from less than 5% back in 1963 to over 20% in 1970.

The achievements of Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s improved the economic conditions of African Americans.

The greatest achievements against economic discrimination of the African-American population were the passage in 1964 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited any discrimination in employment and public accommodation, as well as passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which prohibited discrimination of black people in rental of housing and sale of property.

The article explains that the legislation and its subsequent enforcement by the U. federal government, changing opinions and attitudes of the public, and a passionate desire demonstrated by the African Americans themselves to grow upwardly mobile caused a rising number of the black people in the middle class.

This was possible owing to availability of higher paying jobs, open access to managerial positions, better attitudes by employers, as well as broad education opportunities.Moreover, as Wright thinks, “the civil-rights movement opened the South to inflows of capital, creativity and new enterprises from around the world,” so the U. economy and not only black but also white citizens became long-term beneficiaries of the dramatic changes brought by the Civil Rights Movement.Finally, the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement helped to advance democracy within the society.At the time, that was the third most documented event after the Vietnam War and Watergate.In summary, the Civil Rights Movement was a success in the United States, and it fostered the economic growth.This led to thriving textile, mill, and other industries.Specifically, the economic rise of the textile industry was so impressive that its results could be seen by the level of black workers living standards.Analysis of another primary source allows claiming that the economic situation improved for black Americans following the passage of the aforementioned acts.The 1974 article in The Time magazine “Races: America’s Rising Black Middle Class” provides descriptions of numerous successes of black Americans in the economic sphere in the years following the passage of the anti-discriminatory legislation.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.


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