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(good example) This example would be a strong thesis statement, because it is not obvious at first glance that the War of 1812 necessarily led to the Civil War at all.Therefore, this statement is not obvious and could merit a paper to be written about it.A thesis statement should meet the following criteria: Be composed of a sentence or two towards the beginning of your paper (most likely in the first paragraph) Mention the main topic of your paper Explain what the rest of your paper will be about Make a statement that is not obvious (i.e., someone else may disagree with it before reading your paper) Contain an element of opinion (usually) Be based on facts or support that your paper will discuss Even once you have a general topic for your paper, you may be at a loss about what your thesis statement should be.

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The Bad Sometimes you might find that your thesis statement is unclear.

For example: The judicial system needs to have power over Congress in order to do its job. In which way does it need to have power over Congress?

(good example) The Bad Take a look at this thesis statement: People need to stay healthy for several important reasons. You could, but you’d barely be able to scrape the surface.

The Good Now take a look at a better example, which is much more specific: Students must get sufficient sleep at night in order to succeed in school. More likely, you could write a short paragraph defending this statement.

(good example) The Bad In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," Ron’s last move in the chess game parallels his defense of Harry in Book 7. The Good To revise it, you could focus on the chess match as a whole: In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," the chess game parallels the struggle between Harry and Voldemort throughout the series.

(good example) Make sure that your thesis statement is not written passively (e.g., “the struggle was paralleled by…") or as a negative statement (e.g., “Students will not succeed in school if they…").

To write a thesis statement, follow some or all of the following steps.

Research your topic in order to determine what type and quantity of information exists about your subject of study.

The topic, however, is a general idea of the essay.

It is a specific topic, which has been organized by the thesis statement.


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