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To critically reflect upon this incident I shall use a well-known reflective cycle from Gibbs (1988).This model is cyclical and is unique because it includes emotions, knowledge, and actions and believes that experiences are repeated, which moves away from the model proposed by Kolb (1984).

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When we approached her to perform the scan we found that she was under minimal sedation and was having assistance from a ventilator.

The scan was completed without difficulty and we began to document our findings in the notes.

The members of the public were brought to the bedside where the nurse began to explain what the equipment was and what it was used for.

The nurse made no effort to introduce the members of the public or herself to the patient.

This event clearly caused undue anxiety to both the patient and members of the public, in addition to the members of staff who bore witness to the incident.

The incident was reported using an in-house critical incident report by both myself and staff from ITU as this was a breach of patient confidentiality and poor practice.

Reflection is the process of participating in conscientious, discerning, exploratory, and frequent observation of thoughts and behaviours (Nguyen, Fernandez & Charlin, 2014).

This means that we must scrutinize our understanding and actions to internalize what we learned.

Feelings The main emotion that I felt in this situation was anxiety.

I had been to ITU many times before and it is an environment in which I feel comfortable.


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