Gcse Resistant Materials Coursework Evaluation

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Due to the nature of the assessment we have been given little to no guidance on what we should be doing...which has left me practically guessing.I have had a look at some exemplar work, although most are not relevant to my current project.

Due to the nature of the assessment we have been given little to no guidance on what we should be doing...which has left me practically guessing.I have had a look at some exemplar work, although most are not relevant to my current project.

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So in summary, I'm just asking whether I've been on the right tracks, what sort of things I need to add in and any other advice that you think would help. (sorry for long post : P) I did RM last year and you shouldn't be that worried unless you're not putting much effort in.

I've done a completely wooden project instead of that light one so I can't help with this one.

I have made a CAD model of my final design idea on Google Sketch-up, I have also drawn some initial design ideas (6 total) with my preferred one being developed further, these were annotated.

I have done some research of existing products, using ACCESSFM, research into suitable materials (wood and metal), as well as standard joining methods (wing nuts, tongue and groove, etc). Independently What do you wish you could have done differently?My diary of making (AO3) consists of a small introductory paragraph for each step followed by a picture of each stage with a small description of what it shows, I have tried to put in where I used quality control measures (sanding, marking out, jigs, clamps, etc). - 4 or 5 In the design ideas stage How well, to what extent, have you met the criteria? What kind of support did you get from Mr R and Mr T?I have done this for each part of the lamp: base, arms, head, fixings, assembly. But without seeing the details, I can't be dead certain. For their thoughts on your project, write the thoughts down/summerise it. (Your teachers) How did that help you learn more and become more independent? What kind of people/users would be the typical users now you’ve made it? Would you maybe in the future use CAD/CAM effectively? My whole Powerpoint is due in on Monday so I'm finishing it off this weekend.Courses are available all over the UK as well as online.Hi there, So essentially i'm just looking for some guidance on what kinds of things I need to be doing to ensure I get a good grade on my coursework.Other than that, you're looking to be on the right track.Below is a range of useful documents for pupils currently taking GCSE graphics.You can buy one from the LRC for £3.50 or from most book shops for £5.99.Designing your own design sheet You will need to create a layout for your design sheets.Product Design cover sheet This sheet explains how you create a front cover sheet and includes what should appear on your sheet eg: title, Candidate name, Candidate number, Centre number and Centre name.This top sheet explains what you should include on your situation and design brief.


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