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If you haven't already read them (or if you're having trouble with core topics), the Introductory Pages will provide you with an easy run down of the most important ideas.Goes with any theory-based, essay subject such as Film Studies, English, Digital Creative Media, IT, Computer Science etc.Studying Media A level gives students a variety of future career directions and transferable skills for their next steps.Length and size of qualification: 2 year single course Timetable hours: 4.5 hours per week Assessment method: 2 x 2.5 hour exams plus 2 projects BHASVIC Department: Media and Performing Arts The course is a combination of theory, research and practical application, needing good written and communication skills.At A level you will undertake critical analysis of a range of different media forms including television, advertising, print media and online media; applying a variety of theoretical approaches, along with an understanding of media language investigating how texts position audiences to respond in particular ways.And the students could apply it to their own research after you’ve worked through some of the examples." These are essential creative approaches, planning, marking, assessment and display materials.Our featured Resource templates and Revision Resources are versatile and creative resources that you'll find you can reuse again and again, whatever you're teaching!Critical thinking, along with analytical and practical skills, is highly regarded and beneficial in many different professional and higher education contexts.The Creative Industries is a thriving, vital part of the UK’s economy and students can begin a career in this sector through further study in related disciplines at university or through direct entry to apprenticeships or working in the media industries.How do you know how much you have been influenced — consciously or subconsciously — by these media messages?Does the media reflect your reality, or control the way you view it?


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