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You know you have formed a great question when the ‘so what’ test is not difficult to pass and you feel your study will make an academic or practical contribution.That said, you should also answer a research question you too find interesting and exciting.For example, how does the film represent high school cliques in a surprising or complex way? As we’ve just seen, a strong thesis statement crystallizes your paper's argument and, most importantly, . It goes beyond merely summarizing or describing to stake out an interpretation or position that’s not obvious, and others could challenge for good reasons.

A research essay cannot simply report on historical events or ideas, it must have a particular point. The evidence itself does not constitute an argument – it must be presented to the reader after they have been advised of the argument, or “charges” at hand.

” You may think about it in this way: a prosecuting attorney would not simply present a host of evidence to a jury without arguing a particular case.

It is acceptable (and sometimes even necessary) to change your research question or the scope of your study according to the information you have gathered throughout the process.

The difference between quantitative and qualitative research questions Your research question — and its wording — will determine if your study should be qualitative, quantitative or a mixed study.

If your thesis doesn’t go beyond summarizing your source, it’s not arguable. Although the film appears to reinforce stereotypes about high school cliques, it undermines them in important ways, questioning its viewers’ assumptions about what’s normal. We also have a sense of why this argument is important.

The key words in the thesis statement are “romantic comedy” and “high school cliques.” One way to sharpen the claim is to . The film’s larger goal, we learn, is to question what we think we understand about normalcy.Good research questions need time to develop and mature. Your question needs to be broken down and specified, so the phenomenon under study can be made measureable and/or observable.A research interest in the human experience of happiness could produce a research question such as: “What is the relationship between reported quality of life and people’s early childhood experiences within their family?” However, you also do not want to make your question too narrow.If you can answer it with , it is probably too simple.Generally there is little point in working on something nobody but you finds interesting.Your research question should be able to answer a relevant problem in the field and fill a gap in available knowledge.It is also more likely you will receive funding if you attempt to answer a pending academic or practical question, and the generated knowledge from your research is expected to bring some benefit.When you present your research proposal, you need to be able to answer the ‘so what’ question. You need to be able to clearly outline the purpose of your study and not be baffled if others question the relevance of your potential contribution.On the other hand, “Do negative attitudes toward alternative therapies lead to prescribing more pharmaceutical drugs?” is a predictive question that may require a quantitative approach to answer.


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