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Either way, the goal of the introduction is to gain your readers’ interest by giving them a context for your essay.Much like the introduction, the conclusion of your formal essay should include a restatement of your thesis.“the lamp was broken,” instead of “I broke the lamp”).

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The key ingredient to a formal essay is the thesis.

A thesis is a statement that expresses the main idea of your paper.

For instance, if you were going to write a paper about why you like coffee, the main idea would be that you like coffee, while your discussion points would be your reasons for liking coffee.

So your thesis might look like this: “I love coffee for many reasons, but most of all for its endless variety of flavors, comforting texture, and relaxing qualities.” This statement is effective as a thesis because it explains the main idea and lists a few sub-topics that will be discussed in the essay.

So you would need to write one body paragraph devoted to discussing each of these three topics.

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Always remember to keep your thesis in mind as you write the body of your essay.The point is to show readers how your paper affects them and how they can take action.Your college application essay is a formal piece of writing.Passive: An apple (noun) was eaten (the action) by Sasha (the optional indirect object).The active voice is considered to be more direct and clear.The formula for passive voice is (noun receiving action) (action/verb) (optional indirect object).Active: Sasha (noun performing the action) ate (the action) an apple (object receiving the action).A formal essay should begin with an introductory paragraph.This paragraph should provide readers with some background information about the thesis of your paper.In other words, (noun performing an action) (action/verb) (object receiving the action).The passive voice is used when the subject is the thing receiving the action and the thing doing the action appears as an indirect object near the end of the sentence.


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