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For him, the simplistic morality of football contradicted the complicated morality imposed by authorities such as the state and Church.

He was impressed by ancient Greek philosophers and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Camus developed an interest in early Christian philosophers, but Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer had paved the way towards pessimism and atheism.

He married twice but had many extramarital affairs. He was part of the Left that opposed the Soviet Union because of its totalitarianism.

Camus was a moralist and was leaning towards anarcho-syndicalism.

As tensions in the interwar period escalated, the Stalinist PCA and PPA broke ties.

Camus was expelled from the PCA for refusing to follow the party line.Camus, his mother and other relatives lived without many basic material possessions during his childhood in the Belcourt section of Algiers.He was a second-generation French immigrant to Algeria.He explained: "We might see communism as a springboard and asceticism that prepares the ground for more spiritual activities." Camus left the PCF a year later.In 1936, the independence-minded Algerian Communist Party (PCA) was founded, and Camus joined it after his mentor Grenier advised him to do so.Camus tried to flee but finally joined the French Resistance where he served as editor-in-chief at Combat, an outlawed newspaper.After the war, he was a celebrity figure and gave many lectures around the world.Albert Camus was born on 7 November 1913 in a working-class neighbourhood in Mondovi (present-day Dréan), in French Algeria.His mother, Catherine Hélène Sintès Camus, was of Spanish-(Balearic) descent. His father, Lucien Camus, a poor French-Algerian agricultural worker, died in the Battle of the Marne in 1914 during World War I—Camus never knew him.He was part of many organisations seeking European integration.During the Algerian War, he kept a neutral stance advocating for a multicultural and pluralistic Algeria, a position that caused controversy and was rejected by most parties.


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