Feminist Theory Paper Ideas

From our respective locations at a PWI and an HBCU, we explore what it might mean to conceive of these new...

more We reflect on our relationship to the Feminist Freedom Warriors (FFW) online archive of transnational scholar-activist genealogies.

From the representation of gender onscreen to the value of unpacking gender's role in contemporary politics, we will use feminist...

more This course provides an introduction to US and global feminisms and its applications to media analysis.

It realizes how discourse, gender and language intertwine from the experience of afro-mexican women and their relationship with feminisms.

This course provides an introduction to US and global feminisms and its applications to media analysis.

The second chapter will give an overview of the remaining inequalities that plague the country today and briefly study the city of Rio de Janeiro as a result of these inequalities.

It will also discuss the place of black women in the labor market, mainly their overrepresentation in the field of domestic work; ultimately, arguing that through the precariousness of this field, much of the same subjugation and violence originating in slavery times is still able to thrive.

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