Fear In Cry The Beloved Country Essay

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Stephen Kumalo is then left to journey to Johannesburg to retrieve them, the pieces of his fractured family (40).

Paton uses the contrast between Ndotsheni and Johannesburg to further highlight the problems of a broken tradition, of a seemingly irreparable generation gap.

The theme of the movie Cry Freedom is a lot like the book.

The movie is about a reporter The book and the movie have many parallel themes.

The disparity of wealth between the two racial groups is made apparent in the juxtaposition of these two landscapes.

Paton goes on to reason that this disparity is the cause of their broken tradition: “The men are away, the young men and the girls are away. The mines are later used as another representation of the anguish caused by racial inequality.The white mine owners profit hugely from black men’s labour, while black families are broken up and the land is scarred by the industry (46).Kumalo is awed by the magnitude of the mines that he passes on his way to Johannesburg (46).Kumalo and Jarvis, although divided by race, are united in their suffering at the hands of social inequity; Paton uses these narratives as a microscope to examine the tensions and problems facing all South African people, regardless of race.Throughout the novel, Paton uses the setting to establish racial division and shine light upon a devastating generational gap.Along this journey, Kumalo discovers the desperation of his people and gets a taste of the overwhelming fear that permeates the country and lies at the heart of South Africa’s struggle.In a parallel narrative, Paton follows James Jarvis, father of recently killed social activist Arthur Jarvis, as he endeavours to understand his son’s work.Both of these stories do a great job showing us what it is like for blacks to be brought up under apartheid.And it is important for younger people to learn about apartheid so that history does not repeat itself again.Another big theme I found was isolation in both the movie and book in the book.Stephen is the leader of a tribe and lives in a small village so he is isolated from what is going on in the larger cities.


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