Expository Prompts For High School Essays

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Ask students to choose one to write about during their free time/homework time throughout the week.Tell them to turn in their complete written work by Friday. Ask students to pick a different prompt to write about every week for the next five weeks.Rest assured that you won’t have any problems with your essay if you choose any of the topics provided in our article.

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According to the dictionary, expository means “serving to expound or set forth”.

When the word first appeared in England in the 15th century, it meant a commentary on a particular subject.

Usually, teachers know their students well, so they will be happy to help you select the best topics for your essay.

Learning how to write is an essential skill at any level of education.

By the means of expository works, you can share your knowledge, provide valuable information, and illuminate the minds of your readers.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to do it properly.It is a lot of fun to explore the theme you like — that way, you’ll enhance your writing and analytical thinking skills, enjoy the task, and won’t get bored.The primary goal of the expository essay is to explain and inform.The topic can be entirely different, but keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to share your personal opinion.You just need to provide the target audience with an in-depth description of a particular event.Here are two sets of writing prompts for middle school students.Set #1 What is the best strategy for teaching your younger sibling to stay out of your bedroom? When would it be advantageous to be late to school? Present these, and nine more terrific middle school writing prompts, to your students this week! Your students will respond to prompts like these while practicing some difficult spelling words!Explain what you would do to rectify the situation. List the steps that a studious law scholar might take to form an appropriate schedule to balance his/her studies, work and free time.4. Explain how you would deal with a mischievous person on an escalator. You’ve been invited to a luncheon with a celebrity in a luxurious restaurant. Use writing prompts as a regular part of your language lessons.Give at least five examples of situations in which you should not procrastinate. You’ve been asked to write a questionnaire for people applying for the job of your school’s principal. Here are some ideas for using the prompts listed above:1) Post two of these writing prompts on Monday.Tell the students that the papers are due by the end of each week.3) Read excerpts from some of the best compositions to the rest of the class.In this manner, students can hear good writing from their peers and learn to improve their own writing.


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