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Students must submit the completed copy of the extension of time form to 51 Brattle Street no later than the last meeting day of the course.The latest deadline instructors may set for students to submit outstanding work is: Deadlines for submitting work may differ for courses that do not follow the full academic calendar.During the exam period, rules will be fully enforced by the proctors.

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They are not responsible for interpreting exam questions.

Proctors will report any violations of the exam regulations to the Registrar.

Faculty reserve the right to change dates of tests with notice, as long as alternative times fall within the regular course schedule. Proctors: Following the European model, your instructors might not be present during exams.

Proctors are responsible for seeing that the exam regulations are followed.

Potential candidates should be aware that minimum GPAs are required for admission to all programs and if their GPA is below the minimum, it may not be in their best interest to continue to register for courses in an attempt to raise their GPAs.

Students can learn predegree GPAs by logging into online services and choosing Degree Program Admissions, Verify GPA eligibility.

Requests for grade changes are initiated by the instructor.

Letter grades can be changed only if there is clear evidence of a computational or clerical error that is documented in writing by the instructor.

Each instructor determines the individual grade components for their course and their percentage value in the calculation of their students’ final grades.

GO TO ONLINE SERVICES Grades reflect the quality and quantity of a student’s work submitted throughout the term.


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