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In 1908 he wrote a major treatise dealing with the fundamental questions of knowledge and directed against the essentially idealistic philosophy of Mach, Avenarius and their Russian followers, who tried to unite empiric criticism with Marxism.

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However Lenin didn't stop thinking and having revolutionary ideas there.

On the contrast intensively Lenin was forming there parties and taking parts in different congresses and of course writing his articles, which were published in Russian newspapers.

Turning Points in the Life of Vladimir Lenin In 1917 Lenin became the Russian dictator and is known nowadays as a Founder of Communism.

Many events in his life have turned Lenin's attitude and changed him.

His life, however, was chiefly filled by the study of Marxism and its application to the investigation of the course of the economic and political development of Russia and subsequently of the whole world. Petersburg, where he came into touch with the workers and began his propaganda work.

To this period belong Lenin’s first polemical writings directed against the popular party, who taught that Russia would know neither capitalism nor the proletariat.

Trotsky’s prose, military in its energy, reaching its peak in his [Lenin, the] founder and guiding spirit of the Soviet Republics and the Communist International, the disciple of Marx both in theory and in practice, the leader of the Bolshevik party and the organiser of the Oct.

revolution in Russia, was born on April 9 (22) 1870 in the town of Simbirsk, now Ulyanovsk. His mother, Maria Alexandrovna, whose maiden name was Berg, was the daughter of a doctor. 1866) joined the “Narodovoltze” (Freedom of the People movement), and took part in the unsuccessful attempt on the life of Alexander III. Lenin, the third of a family of six, completed his course at the Simbirsk gymnasium in 1887, winning the gold medal.

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Leon Trotsky’s essay on Vladimir Lenin is historically significant not because it is trustworthy in its judgments but because it is unique.


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