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At the beginning of your work, you have to make a good plan.Yes, like the most of the students, I hate planning, but they say it is the only way to fulfill the assignment within a deadline.

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It is my own plan: You can count easily - I spent around a week to create my own document.

I spent more days because I lost a lot of time trying to find answers to questions that were just in my hands!

This story shows us the Jazz Age period in the United States, and the author portrayed all events and characters with detail and elaboration.

Nick Carraway who just moved to New York, becomes neighbors with mysterious and rich Jay Gatsby who grabs readers' attention from the beginning.

It is not easy to create an essay about Gatsby, I confirm this, and I am going to share my experience with my readers.

If you are required to make the great Gatsby essay, this guide will be helpful.

I didn't think it is so important until I started to work on my essay and got some questions so I spent a lot of time trying to understand what to do.

Eventually, I lost my hope, and I accidentally opened the requirements given by my teacher and found answers to all the questions I had. I guess this is the most popular question students have after they get this assignment and as I already mentioned before, your first step is to read the book.

With Daisy Buchanan character, Fitzgerald shows us people of that time were seeking the American dream.

Daisy cheats her husband with rich Gatsby because she loves money and luxury things.


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