Essays On Power Crisis

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They are cheap and quick methods for producing electricity.

Pakistan is a very blessed country because solar energy is available in most cities all year round similarly wind energy is readily available in the coastal areas.

The basic flaws that our study identified are related to circular debt, and the inadequate capacity of our electricity production and distribution systems.

Also I emphasized on some prospective alternatives to our electricity production that are cheaper and they provide more cleanly electric energy as compared to fossil fuel run energy plants. During the peak crisis there was a power outage of 3-4 hours everyday.

Thousands have lost their jobs, businesses; our daily life has become miserable.

Essays On Power Crisis

Pakistan is currently facing up to 18 hours of electricity outage a day, is expected to face more if not dealt with in time.For the consumer, the price of gasoline (petrol) and diesel for cars and other vehicles rises, leading to reduced consumer confidence and spending, higher transportation costs and general price rising. Whatever resources are available are simply too expensive to buy or already acquired by countries which had planned and acted long time ago.Delayed efforts in the exploration sector have not been able to find sufficient amounts of energy resources.On top of that the government which talked about Pakistan’s supposedly booming economy failed to understand the gravity of the situation.General Musharraf (R) after becoming Chief Executive used to talk about building dams especially Kalabagh Dam.These energy sources if tapped can be of great help in reducing the current demand supply gap.Pakistan is facing power shortage, natural crisis and oil crisis.Many industries have closed due to insufficient power supply. At domestic level, alternate methods like solar, biogas and other methods are being tried for mere survival.The above is a likely scenario of Pakistan and around the globe after 25 years.This was one of the many promises he failed to keep.Even after that very few power plants have been set up to meet the demand for electricity.


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