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Some of them give convincing proofs that someone may have extraordinary peculiarity from birth which makes one a leader.Others persuade that leaders can be “created” under conditions of certain combination of education, training and experience.

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We reach the level of development that others settled for themselves.

This way we can lose a bigger part of our skill to manage our lives. According to dictionary leadership is the activity of leading a group of people, organization or ability to do this.

It has taken me a couple of months to gain some trust and respect but I can see that it is budding just like the spring flowers.

This brings me to the topic of the LPI's that I distributed throughout my workplace.

We face it during whole life and all its spheres, whether you are captain of football team or a president of a school or a chief at work. If you want to find more essays then you need our blog.

Depending on various factors, we can distinguish different leadership styles, which are effective in different ways. Every definite situation needs a leader with certain traits who will be able to manage, guide and motivate the group. Please, be sure that we will consider all your recommendations and answer your questions.Anyway, innate traits as well as gained ones are factors for person’s behavior and one’s ability to become a leader.Such individual can influence other people in order to unite them for joint work with common goals and interests.Besides, you should have desire for studying, training and developing skills that can help in leadership.Let’s mention several important traits of character which a leader must have: So, leadership is the process of managing a crew, where a leader is a person who can be relied on.There are different styles of it, which occur in various life situations.I think I should mention its main types in this essay on leadership: Different specialists have been disputing if leaders are born or made.I am currently responsible for leading a team of eight individuals in executing and monitoring an annual budget of 584 million dollars.I distributed my LPI's to my co-workers, subordinates and my direct manager.Upon being tasked to disburse the LPI forms to my managers, co-workers and subordinates I become somewhat distressed Of course if that is how I treat the people I work with it would be hard to be a good leader.So, I have taken it upon myself to get to know each person within my work area, I have tried to learn about their families, goals, likes, dislikes and pretty much everything in-between.


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