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Whenever I do, I think about how similar people really are all around the world.Even though the cultures and languages in those movies are different from mine, people all around the world are alike in their goals and emotions. It showed school children playing hide and seek, which is a game I used to play with my friends during recess.One important aspect of film of a country is that you can learn about its history. has only a history of two hundred years, their films can give a complete picture and even extended definition of different period of history.

Whenever I do, I think about how similar people really are all around the world.

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From movies, we get to know that "toast" cab mean different thing to different countries, such as "good luck" to Americans, "bad luck" to Hungarians.

From movies, we get to know how Americans live and what food they eat, which bring us closer to the world even when we stay at home.

Finally, by watching movies, we may know other people's attitudes and ideas towards life.

Sometimes we may feel depressed or frustrated just because of some small problems in our lives.

Only movies can give us entertainment as well as a chance to understand history of another country.

Another equally important thing about movies is that they can teach us the custom of a country. From those the large difference of ideology and character among western and eastern countries are shown.Thus we should encourage people to watch more good movies to know the world better.(Essay ID: 240.This is a 5 point essay)As the advance of technology, the understanding and communication among countries are becoming deeper and wider.It also showed me that children in schools everywhere want to play with their friends.Sometimes the games are similar to ours and sometimes they're different.What's more, we may know Americans like to take risks; while Frenches like a relaxed life and Italians like romance.In short, movies are like encyclopedias which can give us much knowledge about other nations we may have no chances to go.One of the most important ways for people to understand each other’s culture is by watching films.From watching movies from other countries, we can learn a lot about that country.Still, they all have the common purpose of fun and learning to work together. I've often seen that in movies about other countries.In some countries, people choose their careers from what they like and are good at.


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