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I hear racial jokes in the hallways and demeaning comments in the bathrooms, but instead of losing my temper I simply smile politely and ask that they not say that again. I wish everyone could be as happy as the 16 Elshamis flying to the Bahamas, with their abundance of snacks and sunscreen (enough to feed and lather a small army), but I now understand that they cannot.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t try and that our love can’t be contagious.

For every class beyond those two that you miss, your final grade for the class will be lowered half a grade.

(I.e., if you have an A for the class, but have missed 4 classes, you will receive a B for your final grade.)I will check your journals to see that you are keeping up with them at each conference, however, I will not ever collect or keep your journal, or require you to share a journal entry with your peers. Youll be seeing your name (and your classmates names) in print, and thinking about your essays as more than just something you turn in to your teacher for a grade; these are essays for your peers to read and discuss.

I believe it can, simply because my father’s love was.

When I was young, I relied on books to provide security; I couldn’t help but feel connected to the characters or be excited by challenging expositions.

(“Because you could have two students with identical GPAs with very different transcripts,” she says.) No, today’s admissions decisions are a mix of science and art, of the objective and the subjective.

As Lalonde explains, the vast majority of those who apply are all well qualified.

They really bring the data to life.” Perhaps the most “life” is revealed in the students’ essays. My ten-year-old self suddenly realized that the world wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops, but that there was hate in every corner.

Each applicant is required to write one essay for the common application and then choose from several other writing prompts to reveal a bit more about themselves. I soon began to see this hate: the dirty looks as my family walked through the airport, the sheltering of children as a man with a turban walked by, the faces wiped clean of smiles as young girls in hijabs smiled at them. I began to hate those who hated others; this feeling made me just as guilty.


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