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The description of the rain by the narrator depicts that when in isolation the writer created his own ideal world where everything was perfect.

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From the way, he describes the streets the squalor of his residence is evident.

The priest in the story had died of neglect in the back of his drawing room.

The house in which he lived was littered with old newspapers, and the books he found in the dead priests hose were yellow with age.

The writers’ description of the apple tree’s bushes as struggling and the priest’s bicycle as rusty goes to portray the theme of poverty.

The alienation of the narrator from the real makes him create his own ideal world.

However, in the end the narrator is disappointed by his ideal world because he realized that his ideal world is nothing like the real world.This showed that the uncle had the same routine every time he came from work; thus, when the narrator asked for money the Uncle forgot because it did not fall in his routine activities.A the writers feelings grow deeper and deeper for Magnans’ sister he alienates himself from his surroundings; every morning when he watches the young woman h does so in half drawn blinds so that no one else can see him.The narrators desire for Magnans’ sister is evident from his description of her physique.The writer describes to detail the physique of Magnans’ sister, which he does every morning.His desire to get Magnan’s sister a gift from the bazaar made him alienate himself even more.He looked down upon his friends who he begun to see as children and viewed himself as being better than they are.The characters in the story are all prisoners of routine.The narrator and his friends play in the streets and hide as the narrators’ uncle approaches and come out of the shadows only when Magnan’s sister call her brother; this happens every evening and give the narrator a chance to watch Magnan’s sister. Mercer collected stamps for a reason that the narrator did not seem to understand; however she did this tirelessly for many years.The narrator cherished these thoughts so much that he held onto them until his hands trembled.The narrators idea of Araby was that of an almost magical market filled with the splendor of an oriental market place.


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