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When under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we are at the risk of harming ourselves and others.If we decide we are sober enough to drive home we are not only putting ourselves at risk, we are putting everyone else on the road in danger also. Consumption of alcohol or drugs can and will effect our ability to make correct and logical decisions which may lead to issues we are not yet ready to deal with.When we bring these things into our community, we are not only breaking a strictly enforced rule, we are endangering the well being of ourselves and each other.

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There are also people from our homes that care dearly about us.

When we use drugs and alcohol, the consequences directly effect our families and loved ones as much as they effect ourselves.

The controversy behind Adderall use comes from the fact that it helps users in enhancing their concentration, while at the same time; it produces negative characteristics on users. [Read More] A room in a house or a basement can become manufacturing laboratory for methamphetamine easier than a closet in a city apartment. Also, many people posit money leaving American hands as a major underlying cause of the government's regulations of what is know known as illegal substances. When antidepressants became popular during the 1990s, some questions were raised regarding the morality of taking them, as it was said that this could fundamentally change the personality, and even ran the risk of…… This publication also present information regarding substance abuse as a risk factor as well as findings linking substance abuse and domestic violence to other crimes, for both the abused and their abusers. Drugs According to the FBI, LSD can be classified as a club drug. Drugs Past and Current Substance abuse is not new; throughout human history human beings have used and abused everything from alcohol to food to chemical and pharmaceutical substances. The euphoric cocaine high is very addictive and in experiments on laboratory animals, mice and chimpanzees given the choice between food and cocaine typically prefer cocaine to such an extent that they will ignore the lever rewarding them with food and continually select the lever that provides cocaine until they die of starvation.

Similarly, access to cocaine and other illicit substances may be easier in inner cities, which are usually ports of entry for foreign and regional cartels. If such narcotics such as marijuana and opium were to be legalized within the United States, it would not be the government who was making the biggest chunk of profit of sales. [Read More] References Antonuccio, David O., William G. This publication underpins the relationship between illegal drugs and criminal activity by citing pertinent statistics which can be of use for examples to prove this inherent link between drugs and crime, as the following quotation demonstrates. However, club drugs refer to a broad category of drugs that are used primarily by club goers to enhance their perceptual and cognitive experience. In fact, one of the main reasons for the nineteenth century progressivism movement to enact prohibition laws was to preserve the public health and to curtail the alcoholism problems rampant throughout the nation and especially on the estern frontier. In the 1970s and 1980s, cocaine became an extremely popular recreational drug in the U. partly because of the social perception that it was the drug choice of the wealthy elite.

Doomed in Afghanistan: A UN Officer's Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah's Failed Escape, 1992. Retrieved from source details the relationship between the prescription drugs benzodiazepine and pharmacological opioid use and crime. Elvis Presley, probably the biggest rock music superstar in history, was involved with drugs in the 1950s, according to an article in Rolling Stone magazine. The violent behavior, however, varies from drug to drug. A drug film -- in the context of stoner comedies -- can be described as a film in which a drug, such as marijuana, influences a character or in which drugs influence, drive, or contribute to the narrative or plot development. "Stress and Substance Use among Military Women and Men." American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 25.2 (1999): 239. "Military Loosens Drug Retest Policy." The Washington Times 2 June 2000: 6. Drug Profile Drug addiction is a human issue that cultivates biological, psychological, and social consequences, among others. Instead of responding to drug use as a public health problem, governments like that of the United States and the United Kingdom still regards criminalization as "the sine qua non-of responsible policy-making," (Downes and Morgan, 2007, p. Unfortunately, the criminalization approach happens to also be irresponsible policy making based on emotion rather than fact.

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Benzodiazepine And Pharmaceutical Opioid Misuse And heir Relationship o Crime. There was indeed evidence of drug use (and abuse) in rock music between 19 -- notably drug use by Elvis Presley, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, George Harrison and Bob Dylan. An increase in the usage of drugs always leads towards an increase in violent behavior. Drugs' influence on cinema has even led to the creation of the sub-genre of drug films, the stoner comedy. These different types of addictions and mind-altering phenomena are most evident in Videodrome and The Social Network. While "tough" policies designed to curb drug use and distribution are attractive politically, and look good on paper, research shows that such policies are no longer appropriate. Despite these shortcomings of tests, the advances made in drug testing technologies are gradually overcoming these obstacles related to……

When we bring drugs and alcohol into our campus community, we are not only effecting ourselves, but we are also effecting all the other aspects that make up our community.

The consequences undoubtedly outweigh the brief release that we receive from these unnecessary substances.

Drug addiction leads to chronic relapses, which may lead a person to face problems of disconnection. illegal drugs can give rise to crime and violence, even if they are used in an allegedly positive way to 'open up' and 'free' the mind. To be sure, because of poor social and economic conditions, many of them cannot speak English and are not able to afford imported music or other cultural products. This is an excellent source for illustrating how even legalized drugs can contribute to the development of criminal activity. Their policies may affect how the military recruits in the future, and how they deal with illegal drug use by military personnel. Drug addiction does not discriminate between gender, race, sexual orientation or creed, and……

Prescription drugs are becoming the most abused drug types regardless of the negative influences they produce to the lives and behavior of users. Retrieved Feb 1, 2009 at government regulating of drugs use is one of those elements which are somewhat affected by such an approach. Even overusing antibiotics, and insisting upon taking them even though one's disease is likely caused by a virus can cause a rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and can impact general human health. These types of imports most affect urban upper and middle class youth, who are also most likely to use the new Internet, social media and satellite TV technology. "Women and Substance Abuse: Issues and Implication" in Kirsch, H. (Ed) Drug Lessons and Education Programs in Developing Countries. The purpose of this publication was to aid in the understanding and edification for law enforcement officials in this specialized area of illicit drug activity, and was financed by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing as part of its support of the National Drug Strategy. Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research: For Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Judges. The United States military has a "zero-tolerance" policy on illicit drug use. [Read More] References Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (CDMHAS).


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