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In the cases of Hamlet and Macbeth, this flaw is... Most of the noticeable characters in Macbeth are male, including Macbeth, Macduff, Banquo, King Duncan, and Malcolm.Despite the lack of female power by numbers, Lady Macbeth proves to be a...Like all Shakespearian tragedies, the main character is necessarily at odds with time.

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is found not so much in the scattering of bodies covering the stage at the end of each play, but instead in the degeneration of the plays' respective protagonists. Character Juxtaposition: The Twoness of Macbeth Shakespeare's Macbeth relays the tale of a Scottish general, at first presenting a seemingly brave and noble warrior.

Macbeth is eventually prompted by ambition to seek the throne upon hearing a...

Shakespeare frequently makes use of the adjective ‘weird’ in his tragedy Macbeth.

Along with bringing to mind the supernatural and unearthly, the word also forces one to consider the nature of the word’s antonym – what is normal? In the play Macbeth, some of the most significant characters rely upon their ability to equivocate, in order to hide their treacherously covetous, or purely malicious intentions.

Come you spirit, That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here.--Lady Macbeth More so than any other Shakespearean play, Macbeth functions the most vividly as a psychoanalysis of the state of humanity's development of a sense of sexual self. Starting with the witches' assertion that âfair is foul, and foul is fair,â?

it is clear that Macbeth is a play in which appearances will be deceiving and morality will be muddled.This initial murder of King Duncan acts as a starting point for Macbeth's reign of terror, and...Whose Ambition Is the Driving Force of the Play—Macbeth’s, Lady Macbeth’s, or Both?He regresses from a logical, compassionate, caring, and conscientious man, to an entirely apathetic, amoral paradigm of cynical numbness. A central theme of William Shakespeare's Macbeth is the title character's willingness to accept his fate.Macbeth's attitude toward the prophecies of the witches varies depending on how much he likes the prediction. There is truth to Duncan's line "There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face," for throughout Shakespeare's play Macbeth, both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are not what they most often appear to be. Separating qualities common to one 'set' or 'type' of Shakespeare's plays which are not common to the plays as a whole is a difficult task: it would no doubt be possible to find evidence of any feature uniting 'the Tragedies' within any of...The snake has long been used as a symbol of sly subtlety.A serpent's presence has been characterized by cunning cynicism dating as far back as biblical times, when the snake persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of Eden's garden. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth undergoes a profound and gradual evolution throughout the play.Most characters take part in these acts of subterfuge, but the three...The bulk of the drama in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is based in murder.In Shakespeare's, Macbeth, there seems to be an uncanny connection between the images of sleep and nature.The play refers to the results of nature being thwarted, and since sleep is the primarily natural function of every human being, its seems...


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