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A part of human nature that if we did not have it, would leave the world in a state of chaos and confusion.Through the characters in ‘The Lord of the Flies’ we are shown many aspects of human nature from good and evil, to all that lies between.This demonstrates his innocence at the start of the novel, but his lust for blood soon wins the battle against his conscience.

“My auntie told me not to run…account of my asthma” With this quote, we are introduced to Piggy, the fat bespectacled boy with asthma who is never taken seriously.

However, it is Piggy who discovers the conch, the symbol of authority, civilization and peace, and it is him who presents Ralph with the idea of a meeting.

Although Ralph is meant to portray goodness, even he has his weaknesses.

This becomes evident when he joins in the death of Simon, not being able to resist the power of mob pschology.

Obviously made fun of in school, Piggy is treated like an outcast and is often left out, but the group do not hesitate to use his ideas if they work to their advantage. As Jack and Ralph drift apart, it is only Piggy’s loyalty that keeps him with Ralph, and they grow closer, with Ralph slowly realising Piggy’s natural intelligence and insight, and relying on it more and more.

Piggy is treated like the nanny, and is constantly being made to look after the ‘littleuns’. Without Piggy, there would be no democracy and no conch, and it makes us wonder whether he should not have been elected the leader in the first place.

The characters that best convey the different aspects of human nature are Ralph, Jack and Piggy.

Ralph represents democracy, morality, leadership; everything that is good.

Jacks’s obvious obsession with blood and death and power is what leads to the destruction of Ralph’s democratic ‘government’, and eventually to the demolition of the entire Island. Through his barbaric deeds on the island, he teaches us about the dark side of human nature, and that to choose that path can only lead to complete and utter devastation.

William Golding firmly believed that there is no room for the thinkers in the world. Through the character of Piggy, Golding accuratly conveys his feelings and shows us yet another, purer aspect of human nature. The freak, so to speak, in a circus of handsome, able bodied boys who laugh and humiliate him without thought for his feelings.


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