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Punjab harvested a colossal 18 million tonnes of paddy in 2016, but with it came 34 million tonnes of straw and husk.

Punjab harvested a colossal 18 million tonnes of paddy in 2016, but with it came 34 million tonnes of straw and husk.Since rice straw is no longer fed to cattle in Punjab and Haryana, it too is being straw and stubble in a two-stage process that yields a fuel gas that can be used for cooking, heating and power generation, and any type of transport fuel.

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On the ground, visibility is down to between 100 and 200 metres and the air smells of smoke.

Children waiting for school buses, or those forced to live in slums, cough and sneeze in the frigid, poisonous air.

Based on this, there are proposals to deploy rotary root stubble digging machines to plough it back into the soil and enrich it.

But stubble is the least of the problem; the greater is the rice straw and husk left behind after threshing and milling.

The dilemma they face was highlighted by the Aam Aadmi Party’s own party chief in Punjab, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, when he defied the state government’s order and ceremonially burnt crop stubble on October 15.

In Delhi, there is an impression that the stubble that is left after the crop is harvested is the only problem.But even if both Punjab and Haryana agree to penalise stubble burning more harshly, it will have little or no impact.If farmers cannot remove the stubble from their fields soon after harvesting their paddy, they will not be able to sow the wheat crop.Both the very young and the elderly cannot be treated with antibiotics, or for very long, without causing complications.So the smog prevents their lungs from healing and turns them into factories for bacteria.Two other chemical processes called the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and the water-gas shift reaction, which have been in use for more than a hundred years in the petro-chemicals industry, can convert this mixture into any type of transport fuel – from CNG to diesel, methanol and aviation jet fuel.They can also produce dimethyl ether, which is a heavy condensate gas that can effortlessly replace LPG as a cooking gas.If you are in your teens or your 60s, if you are healthy, active, do manual work or play sports – and don’t smoke – the impact is minimal.It is children below five or six and older people – those who are frail, prone to asthma and coughing – who face the most risks.But only the rich and the retired have the privilege of escaping to these havens in the mountains or by the sea.The threat air pollution poses to people is increasing, but contrary to what some environmentalists would have us believe, it is an unequally distributed threat.


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