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Introduction In as much as terrorism has a direct effect on human rights, recent years have witnessed States taking a number of measures to counter terrorism and some of these measures have posed severe threats to human rights and the rule of law.

For example some states have used measures such as torture and other gross acts in the name of countering terrorism, disregarding outcries from legal independent organisations that are responsible for detection and prevention of torture.

Such measures should be directed towards the conducive factors that promote terrorism, these includes; the absence of basic rule of law, ethnic tensions, political extremisms, economic and religious discrimination, and most importantly the violation of human rights.

With this in mind, the consequences would be to encourage active leadership and participation of the civil society in the fight against terrorism, the condemnation of human rights violations, and the prohibition of those who commit such acts in the context of natural law.

In summary, due attention should be directed to the victims of whose human rights have been violated, this can be done through compensation and even restitution.

Human rights are regarded as universal principles and legal value that are created to guarantee the protection of individuals as well as groups against measures and exclusions of State agents that are contrary to their fundamental rights, freedoms and dignity.

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In particular, Member States have unambiguously agreed that terrorism: is a threat to the dignity and primary security of individuals and groups globally, puts the lives of innocent civilians in danger, creates a fearful environment, endangers fundamental freedoms, and violate human rights and the rule of law.

In addition, terrorism is strongly linked to organized crimes such as money laundering, drug and human trafficking as well as illegal proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical materials.


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