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This originates as an individualist need for improvement. There is a minor ambiguity in this title, which must be clarified for the purposes of this essay.The emphasis on an impression of the characters changing as you read more of the poem, may indicate the effect on a reader's initial interpretation...

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While both concern the era of the Trojan War, the characters in each seem to value two opposing outlooks. The Iliad celebrates the heroics of some of the most famous Greek heroes, yet perhaps the most memorable character to appear in the epic poem is the Trojan warrior Hector.

Throughout the poem, we get the impression that Homer treats Hector as a...

The idea of glory is an inseparable cloud surrounding every epic story.

All characters and actions are geared towards achieving unending honor and glory.

Imagery within tragedy adds a necessary and otherwise unattainable sub-story to the...

Homer’s epic begins in the tenth year of the Trojan War, in which the Greek army besieges the walled city of Troy in Asia Minor.

In his epic poems, Homer often chooses commonplace objects to symbolically encompass many themes of the story.

In The Iliad, a golden nail-studded scepter embodies the major themes of the epic, and the marriage bed of Odysseus and Penelope serves...

"Much that is terrible takes place in the Homeric poems, but it seldom takes place wordlessly...

no speech is so filled with anger or scorn that the particles which express logical and grammatical connections are lacking or out of place." (from... Though first given by one's pedigree, a man's standing in society was affected by his aret (virtue).


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