Essay On The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

For cultivation of tobacco crop forests are destroyed.

Burning of tobacco produces number of toxicants in environment.

Tobacco is a major risk factor for a number of diseases affecting all age groups.

WHO data shows that tobacco uses kill nearly six million people in a year.

Treating the Former Tobacco Users: Preventing Relapse to Tobacco Use Effective relapse prevention treatment to all patients who have recently quit tobacco use needs to be provided.

With the extraordinary high rate of relapse to smoking, patient’s decision to quit needs to be reinforced, benefits of quitting are reviewed, and the residual problems arising out of quitting need to be resolved.

Available data from WHO demonstrate that thirty-eight million people die each year from NCDs, of which nearly 85% of NCD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

According to WHO statistics for 2010 in India, NCDs are estimated to account for 53% of all deaths.

Of these deaths, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the most common causes of deaths in India.

This huge burden of NCDs can be attributed to increasing use of tobacco.


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