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I also believe that government is necessary to an orderly society and that the rights of individuals cannot be protected without government.

Government is therefore a necessary component of a society which accepts the precepts of natural law.

The British government did not recognize that citizens have absolute rights.

As such, it did not require consent to govern and could, in fact, govern in whatever manner it saw fit.

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges, however, that a government should not be replaced "for light and transient causes." As such, the Declaration proceeds with a list wrongs which act as evidence of Britain's breech of contract with the colonies and their justification for withdrawing consent to be governed by Britain.

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While all of the colonial complaints and charges may well have been true, the British government, of course, did not agree with the premises cited in the Declaration.

If we accept that government should not be replaced for "light and transient causes," what standard should be used? Without delving into all the specific colonial complaints outlined in the Declaration against the British government, I think they fall short as a justification for treason.

I can't help but wonder if the colonies would have been so quick to revolt had Britain simply not imposed a few annoying taxes.

The colonists, however, having concluded that their absolute rights were self-evident and therefore not negotiable, came to a practical and philosophical impasse with the British government.

Based upon the assumptions, the argument, and the evidence promulgated in the Declaration of Independence, the colonies openly withdrew their consent to be governed by the British and declared themselves "free and independent states" under a newly formed government.


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